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What's New at the Store?

NEW! - Black Knight Games Terrain Features - We always like the little details when we set up or play on our game table or dungeon. Black Knight Games will soon be releasing various detail kits including barrels, cover, wheels, pipe and other bits and bobs to make your table more interesting and fun to play on.

We should have the first kits available in March, and will be carrying them at Adepticon 2017. We hope to have a video on YouTube very soon so you can see the prototypes being assembled and painted. If you are a registered customer, we will send you and email when the video is up and when the kits are available.

We think you will really like what we have done. We have kits for any genre; Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Post Apocolyptic and modern (WWI, WWII). You will be able to mix and match as you like by using our new loose components as well.

Keep checking back to see the new kits and accessories as they come out, or join our mailing list to recieve updates.

NEW! - Black Knight Games Light Kits - Black Knight Games is happy to announce that we are re-releasing our popular circuit boards, as well as some new lighting kits. Again, these kits will probably come out sometime in March, but we will definitely have them at Adepticon.

The new kits will include a fiber optic component that you can choose when you buy your board or singly. Several size and fiber count choices will be available. All of the fiber components come with fiber pre-mountd and wired so that you can solder them to your circut with ease. All will come with a 12 in. lead wire that you can cut to fit your needs before you install the fiber.

All Black Knight Games electronics are hand-tested before they are shipped. We will have a YouTube video promoting the new boards and fiber bundles soon. If you want to be notified when we release, sign up for the mailing list.

COMING SOON! - Black Knight Press - "Airbrushing for Gamers; The Basics". This will be our first release in a series of "For Gamers" publications. As the name implies, this publication covers basic airbrushing concepts and techniques so that you can get started with airbrushing. Inside, you will learn about what you will need to start airbrushing, how an airbrush works, safety and cleaning and other key topics.

We felt that using an electronic format had several advantages, not the least of which is the ability to provide hyperlinks to navigate to the various sections of the "book". There are also a few special features that we think you will enjoy.

This publication will be available on DVD and for download. A printed version will be introduced in a Kickstarter sometime this spring or summer. We are hoping to have the DVDs available at Adepticon 2017, but we're still in the editing phase so it may be closer to summer.

Stock Updates

  • We are currently out of stock on all of our Anarchy products. We will have Anarchy stock again soon.
  • Several new colors have been added to our inventory of the Vallejo paint line. These are all from the Model Air line. There are too many to list here, but look through the current stock in the store.

P55-V Variable-speed Pulsating Light Circuit Board

Add a pulsating light (LED) to your project and make it POP!

Variable speed pulse rate gives you control over how fast or slow the pulse cycles.


17ml Bottle Hot Orange Game Air

This orange is too hot to handle!

17ml Bottle Bloody Red Game Air

A wonderful mid-tone red.

17ml Bottle Gory Red Game Air

A deep, dark red.

17ml Bottle Electric Blue Game Air

17ml Bottle Electric Blue