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Warframe is a video game that is free to play and a cooperative third person shooter game. It is developed by Digital Extremes for Playstation-4, Microsoft Windows and Xbox-one. In this game the players control members of Tennos, which is an ancient race of warriors who have been woken up from centuries of sleep to find themselves at war with different people. There are extremely powerful exoskeletons known as Warframes and they hack and they slash their way through the armies of the enemies.

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In this action packed game, the players get to engage in action packed combat as they run around the walls, go down the zip lines, do acrobatics and slash the enemies with their swords, or just blast the enemies with a variety of weapons in hand.

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There are also great animations throughout the game, as the players and the enemies engage in a great battle of weaponry and shooting. There are great variety of guns that the players can choose from and this is considered as one of the best free games that is made to date. Another great feature of this game is the fact that there are constant updates and the player is never bored.

Key Features

  • You can choose from a wide variety of warframes and even customize to match you needs.
  • There are smooth moves as you play with the known FPS controls and even use the parkour or ninja moves as you position yourself.
  • The team is always and constantly updating the game based on the player’s comments.
  • The music and the graphics are great which makes the game play even better and action packed.

Warframe Platinum

Warframe Platinum is the currency that is used in the game. It can be bought with real money or even by trading with other players. The currency is used to purchase warframes, weapons, sentinels, mod packs, equipment, and various other items from the market that is in the game. The currency can also be used to instantly finish the crafting process of wanted items for the foundry.

Like most games, warframe also has a store where the players can exchange real currency for the game currency called platinum. Using the real world money in the store helps you to be more efficient while playing the game. Using the platinum currency, the players are then able to buy weapons, or in-game pets to shoot the enemies, or other power boosting items that can help you be a step ahead of your enemies. Other currencies and credits are also earned as you play and the store has items that you can purchase from them. Players use the Warframe Platinum generator to get the games currency quicky.

warframe platinum generator

Players who have purchased the platinum have had a great experience with using the in game currency to get ahead in the game through the purchase of weapons and boosters, which made earning of the XP and credits faster and easier. There are certain items which can only be bought through platinum and that are the color palettes, cosmetic items, weaponry slots, and warframe slots.

Platinum can also be downloaded on your computer or your device directly through the internet. For around $50 you can easily get around 1,000 platinum, which you may spend on warframes, consumables, sentinels, weapons, as well as mods and more. It may also include rare mods such as the Seeking Fury which increases the reload speed and the punch through. Platinum can also be purchased for as low as $19 which will also get you around 370 platinum and you can spend that on the in-game store or the market to purchase whatever you may require. You may also use the platinum to instantly finish crafting the items that are wanted in the Foundry.

Using a Warframe Platinum Generator

It is also quite possible to obtain unlimited amount of platinum, the gaming currency, for completely free of cost by using Warframe Platimum Generator. These are usually webpages, operating to provide these sort of hacks for the game. There are usually no extra requirements such as jailbreaks, root, or even downloads. These are usually online warframe platinum hacks that can be available to everyone who plays the game. This generator, most of the times, is quite easy and simple to use and offers a simple user interface which is quite user friendly. Moreover, these platinum generator web pages can be accessed and used from almost all devices as well as from the PC.

The warframe platinum generator helps you to obtain various things that you can get from the platinum game currency. Furthermore, it also provides the following benefits.

  • You get free and unlimited platinum.
  • It is compatible with IOS, Android as well as the Windows computers.
  • There is no need for jail break or root.
  • There is absolutely no requirement for downloads.
  • The hacks are usually very safe without having the risk of being banned.

How to Get the Warframe Platinum Generator

It is quite simple to get the platinum from these Warframe Platinum Generator web pages. The instructions are clearly written and are quite simple to understand and do not take up too much time.

The instructions are:

  • You first need to enter your warframe username or the email id.
  • Select your gaming platform.
  • You then choose how much Platinum you would want to generate.
  • Click on the “Generate” option.
  • Complete the human verification.
  • Finally, you can now load up the warframe.
  • Enjoy your free platinum from the warframe platinum generator official website!


Overall, this is a great game that is action packed and includes a whole package of things to do that will keep you occupied and surely hooked on for good! The game is free, that is a best part; to succeed you can either keep on playing with the regular options and keep on earning credits and XP as you go along, or you can use the Warframe Platinum generator options which will get you extra platinum to be used to get ahead in the game in no time at all!

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